Changing Diabetes®

The diabetes challenge

Today, 415 million people are living with diabetes1. Driven by the needs of people with diabetes, we work at the frontiers of science to improve treatments and create more opportunities to live well with the condition. We also offer innovative diabetes support and education to encourage active self-management in the pursuit of better health outcomes for people living with diabetes.

But treatment is only part of the solution to the diabetes challenge. This is why we advocate for concerted action to address the pandemic, challenging systems, political priorities and health expectations worldwide. In addition, we collaborate with global organisations and governments in driving diabetes awareness, prevention and equal access to care.

Through our actions we will break the curve of the diabetes pandemic, and we will measure and report on our progress. Until we defeat diabetes, we will continue to support people in living fuller, healthier and more productive lives.

  1. International Diabetes Federation. IDF Diabetes Atlas, seventh edition, 2015:12.