Charlie Kimball visits the Novo Nordisk Canada Office

Watch the video on how employees at Novo Nordisk Canada were inspired by Charlie Kimball’s visit.

Employee Stories

"Novo Nordisk shows that it's supportive of young people who are passionate about the business and the triple bottom line philosophy."

Meet Enrico

“Working with all departments locally and globally has provided me with a greater insight in what it takes to make a great company."

Meet Glenda

"We have a unique approach to the work we do and we're really proud to receive recognition for that."

Meet Ian


“There are lots of opportunities at work for me to stay healthy and my colleagues are very supportive as we work out together and have formed running groups.”

Meet Mike

"One thing I love about Novo Nordisk is the culture, it feels like home and everyone here is like family."

Meet Samantha

"What I like best about working
at Novo Nordisk is the people, there’s alot of personal pride here."

Meet Cecilia and Brad