Novo Nordisk COVID-19 Response Program

Novo Nordisk Canada is temporarily providing drug benefit e-cards for insulin to patients who have recently lost their coverage for prescription medicines as a result of the pandemic crisis. This program has been designed to provide Canadians without prescription drug coverage, with access to essential – and in some cases – life-saving diabetes medicines.

Product Inclusions:

We are directing all available resources towards providing insulin for people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes.  Tresiba®, NovoRapid® and Levemir® were the products selected because they are our latest insulin therapies covered on multiple provincial and territorial drug plans. NovoRapid® and Tresiba® will be available in all provinces except British Columbia where NovoRapid® and Levemir® will be offered.





Available products will be provided in FlexTouch® pens and for patients using a continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion (CSII) pump system, NovoRapid® will be available in vials. Patients will also be able to redeem the drug benefits e-card for one box of needles.


This program covers the cost of the medicine and/or needles made by Novo Nordisk as well as standard industry mark-up and dispensing fees equivalent to those paid by provincial and territorial public payers. The cost at pharmacy may vary depending on mark-ups added by individual wholesalers and pharmacies along the distribution chain.


Please support our efforts to continue to safeguard our medication supply by ensuring the drug benefits e-cards are distributed only to patients who truly need them. This program is temporary and is intended to fill gaps until government programs are more readily accessible. For a list of available public plans across Canada, please visit [link].  We value your discretion to determine which patients need this support most.

Requesting Drug Benefit e-Cards for Your Patients:

Click the 'Request e-Cards' button to request drug benefit e-cards for your patient.  Patients can redeem these cards at the pharmacy for the above-mentioned products for a limited time.  

Note:  Please allow up to 24 to 48 hours for the drug benefit e-cards to be emailed back to you for distribution.

If you have any questions, please contact Novo Nordisk Customer Care at or 1-800-465-4334