The Allied Rainbow Community (ARC) strives for every employee of Novo Nordisk Canada to feel they belong to a visibly diverse and systemically equitable and inclusive workplace.

ARC’s mission is to provide a safe forum for education and awareness about LGBTQ2+ issues while building a strong base of allies who are committed to creating change, advocating for social justice, and highlighting the value in our differences. In addition, ARC aims to support LGBTQ2+ employees and allies in fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion with a focus on intersectionality and the interconnected nature of social categorizations and their impacts on various marginalized communities, build a network to nurture an inclusive atmosphere sensitive toward LGBTQ2+ issues that helps recruit, retain, and grow individuals associated with the LGBTQ2+ community and other marginalized groups.

The Gender Equity Movement (GEM) ERG is committed to the future advancement and development of women at Novo Nordisk Canada to drive performance, sustain an inclusive culture, and achieve their aspirations. GEM’s goal is to find common solutions and opportunities for gender equality through open dialogue around leadership, shared experiences and other relevant issues. All genders are welcome. GEM’s mission is to provide a safe space for employees to explore, own, and develop personally and professionally by providing a network of members, a place to focus on understanding and supporting advancement of all genders within and outside of Novo Nordisk Canada and provide the opportunity for members to develop their strengths, explore leadership styles, sharpen skills, hone a personal brand, and advocate for change.